Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

Why Luxury Corporate Gifts?

Everyone loves gifts and we hate to admit it but one of the best ways to build a relationship with employees and clients is through gifts. When we think of corporate gifts, we think of USBs and branded stationery that never sees the light of day. However, there’s a way to show your employees appreciation, retain top talent, and please your VIP clients.

 Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

Clients and employees both need to feel pampered and appreciated every now and then. Here are some luxury corporate gift ideas to choose from:

Tech Gadgets

Ditch the corporate branded USBs and portable power banks, and make way for something more useful like surround sound systems, their very own set of new air pods, or a wireless charger they can make use of in and out of the office.

Luxury Dining

Gift baskets and boxes of chocolates are a thing of the past. Everyone has to eat so you can never go wrong with a nice dinner invitation for them and their partner, or a lovely bed and breakfast.

Luxury Office Gifts

As long as office accessories and stationery are presentable and useful, they can still be considered luxury corporate gifts. Instead of an ordinary planner, consider getting an attractive luxurious one customized with your employees’ names. Executive clients may also enjoy a classy desk clock or filing set. Whatever it is, make sure they’ll be proud to use it.

Socially Responsible Corporate Gifts

Socially responsible corporate gifts make the list of luxury gifts as their price and value often surpass ordinary corporate gifts. Some socially responsible gift ideas include sustainable travel luggage and backpacks, clothes, blankets, jewelry, and more products that are produced using recycled material.

Introducing LOCH

Introducing LOCH’s reusable water bottles and certified vegan leather straps! Give the gift of hydration with a range of colorful insulated water bottles that keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12. Perfect for every season, outing, and with a multitude of uses, LOCH bottles help cut down on the 5.5 billion plastic bottles that are littered or get lost in the oceans every year. From durability to reducing plastic, LOCH bottles do it all and can help keep your branding top of mind for years if you get them cobranded. You can even turn the personalization up a notch by getting the bottles customized with your employees’ and clients’ names or initials.

From socially-responsible products to useful tech gadgets, a luxury corporate gift is something everyone will appreciate for years.

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