Water Bottle Cleaning Tips

Water Bottle Cleaning Tips

That reusable bottle which may be recycled is your travel companion. It accompanies you to work every day to aid in your hydration. However, to eliminate the chance of having germs and bacteria that may gather at the bottom as is the case with any receptacle that contains a liquid, it requires constant washing. Join us at Loch to make your put your reusable bottle to good use and keep it clean and germ-free.

Here are some tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your water bottle: With these guidelines you can be sure you’ll be taking safe water to drink all through the day. Please remember that a clean water bottle is a healthy water bottle!

Daily Cleansing is Key

Rinse your water bottle with hot water and soap and a brush daily if you use it to take other beverages apart from water. If this is not done, there are likely to be some pieces of food left behind which increases the chances of bacterial growth. Another convenient cleaning method which is available is to put the bottles into a dishwasher.

Additional Measure to Disinfect Weekly

To add on the hygiene aspect, it is recommended that you clean your water bottle with boiling water on a weekly basis. It requires you to pour hot water into the bottle, let it steep for 3-5 minutes and then pour it out. This will help to some extent in eliminating any lingering bacteria.

Drying is Crucial

Now you have to keep the surface of the semiconductor dry! For its proper cleaning, wash the bottle and then leave it to dry by standing it somewhere with air access. Due to the fact bacteria and viruses love moisture, this surface has to be dried as much as possible.

Thus, in choosing which reusable water bottle to purchase, one of the factors that can be taken into consideration is the material. Our Loch bottles are made from non porous materials such as Stainless steel, these are easier to clean and only allow a hostile environment for bacteria.


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