5 Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Why Give a Corporate Gift?

Aside from the basic purpose of gifting for holidays and birthdays, giving your clients and employees a corporate gift also boosts morale and genuinely shows you appreciate their efforts.

 Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Don’t let those office parties, Secret Santa gift exchanges, and calendar holidays catch you by surprise. Be prepared with unique corporate gift ideas everyone will appreciate.

1. Personalized Stationery

When we list personalized stationery, we’re not referring to the boring pens and notepads that never see the light of day. We’re talking about the exciting 2022 agendas, goal planners, and useful desk calendars everyone can use and enjoy. Whether your employees work from the office or remotely, everyone can make use of a personalized corporate calendar to remind them of their awesome job, their productivity, and how much they’ve achieved.

2. Food & Beverage

When in doubt, opt for something edible. Chocolates, cakes, and any type of sweets really hit the spot. At least there’s something the whole team can agree on! Keep your branding top of mind with branded packaging for all the delicious goodies.

3. Tech

From corporate branded USBs and mousepads to their very own set of new air pods or portable power bank, a new set of tech gear helps get the job done for you and your employees. Upgrade the traditional USB with a personalized greeting card or additional nibbles to balance the corporate with the fun.

4. Workshops or Class Passes

There’s nothing like a fun team-building workshop or class to get the team to mingle. Forget about the boring educational workshops. Those can wait. Gifts are meant to be fun, so consider gifting your employees passes to a great getaway, vacation, dance class, cooking class, or anything of that sort.

5. Reusable Water Bottles

Looking for something everyone will use both in and out of the office? Give the gift of hydration with a range of colorful insulated water bottles that keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12. Perfect for every season, outing, and with a multitude of uses, LOCH bottles help cut down on the 5.5 billion plastic bottles that are littered or make their way to our beautiful oceans every year. From durability to reducing plastic, LOCH bottles do it all and can help keep your branding top of mind for years if you get them cobranded.

From the traditional corporate gift to stylish and sustainable products, gift your clients and employees something they’ll truly enjoy and cherish for years.


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