Drinks for Dehydration: The Best and Worst Drinks for Dehydration

After some good old summer fun at the beach or a day under the sun while on an adventure, it’s difficult to get the adequate amount of water, let alone even remember to drink any in the first place. Many of us are aware that the best and easiest way to stay hydrated is by drinking water, but it’s just so… bland. What if there was a way to get the adequate intake of liquids to maintain hydration without sticking to plain water? Well, there is. Read on to learn more about the best drinks for dehydration, and which ones to avoid.

The Best Drinks for Dehydration

Your body is your temple and how much you drink is reflected both on the inside and the outside. These are some hydrating drinks you can enjoy that will help boost your body’s hydration levels.


We couldn’t miss the opportunity to include water on our list of drinks to keep you hydrated. It may be one of the least fun drinks, but it sure does wonders to your hair, skin, body, and overall mood.

Fruit-Infused Water

Not a fan of plain water? Add a bit of flavor to your rehydration with a bottle of fruit-infused water. Cucumbers, berries, watermelon, or even lemon will not only make your water more fun to drink, but the fruits’ water-rich content will nearly double your hydration. Check out some of our favorite detox drinks here.


Not your average beverage, but watermelon can either be eaten as a fruit or juiced to make a drinkable refreshment on the go. As opposed to other fruit drinks and sugary juices, when consuming watermelon, your body retains about 90% of the water you’re eating or drinking, keeping you hydrated for longer.

Drinks That Accelerate Dehydration

Not all beverages are created equal. Therefore not all beverages hydrate the same. There’s obviously a difference between a glass of water and a sugary sports drink. We understand it’s easy to get confused by different sources and health tips, so we’re here to tell you which beverages contribute to dehydration.

Soft Drinks

Sure soft drinks contain a lot of water, but they also contain large amounts of sweeteners and food coloring, both extremely harmful to your body and energy levels. Don’t buy into the labels – diet this and diet that; most soft drinks leave you bloated and thirstier than you were before drinking them.


The magic elixir of life! We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but for those of you who haven’t experienced it yet, coffee greatly contributes to dehydration. You don’t have to cut it out of your diet completely, but drink it in moderation. It is recommended to not consume more than 200-300mg of caffeine in order to maintain your hydration. If you feel like 2 cups of coffee isn’t enough, or you start to feel lethargic and dehydrated after drinking coffee, consider switching over to decaf or herbal teas.

Introducing LOCH

Staying hydrated isn’t always easy, especially when you’re busy or always on the go. Lucky for you, LOCH’s range of convenient and colorful reusable water bottles keep your beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for up to 24. Whether you’re enjoying a delicious nutrient and water-rich smoothie or refreshing water, you can carry it around stylishly during your commute, at the office, or to and from the gym.

Taking the convenience up a notch, the sustainable steel bottles can be paired with LOCH’s vegan leather straps made of recycled plastic, keeping your hands free and your conscience and the environment clean.

With this list, you can ensure you stay hydrated and avoid drinks that have been leaving you sluggish. Make the right switch and watch how your hair, skin, body, and mood transform! Still having trouble staying hydrated? We have


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