Liver Detox Juice – Benefits & Recipes

Did you know your liver is the largest solid organ in your body and that it is responsible for more than 500 functions? Since it plays a major role to help remove toxins from your blood supply and balance your blood sugar levels, it goes without saying that it’s crucial to keep it healthy and functioning properly.

Benefits of a Liver Detox

Rid Your Body of Toxins

When toxins aren’t flushed out of our bodies, our cells are put in harm's way. Our liver helps keep our cells safe so if it’s not performing at its optimal potential, you can be experiencing health problems.

Stay Healthy & Energized

If your body is busy fighting illness, there isn’t much energy left to go about your normal routine. Your energy levels will be heavily impacted and you’ll feel drained most of the time. Ensuring your liver remains healthy and clean will significantly reduce the likelihood of you getting sick.

Promote Healthier Skin

Many people are surprised to find that unwanted skin conditions like rashes and acne are caused by liver damage. This happens when toxins that are trying to escape your body, find an exit through your pores. Detoxing your liver can help fight the toxins and clear your pores, leaving you with healthier skin.

Liver Detox Drinks

It is extremely important to detox your liver every once in a while, and you can start now by simply incorporating liver detox juices into your diet.


The easiest way to keep your liver healthy is to get an adequate amount of water. Hydrating with at least 8 glasses of water can help flush out the toxins and help keep you healthy.

Fruit-Infused Water

If you don’t enjoy plain water, you can always infuse it with some water-rich fruits to add a bit of flavor to your hydration.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot increases detoxification enzymes in your liver. Easily prepare a beetroot-based detox drink in minutes by mixing beets in a blender and adding sweet refreshing ingredients like apples and cucumber for additional flavor.

Lemon Ginger

An effective, yet underrated ingredient that does wonders to your liver is lemon. Thanks to their high purifying content and low sugar levels, lemons make the perfect key detox ingredient. Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice to a boiled cup of ginger and let it do its magic.

You can find more benefits of lemon and ginger water here.

Green Drinks

The more greens, the better. From celery and spinach to kale, a mix of the green leaves you find lying around the fridge can be blended to create the ultimate liver detox drink. If you can’t handle the bland bitterness of drinking a dressing-less salad, mix in some orange juice, slices of sweet green apples, or refreshing cucumbers to balance the taste and consistency.

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Introducing LOCH

Now, you may have made the excuse that given your busy schedule and daily routine, there aren’t many options to detox properly when you’re out and about. False! Get your hands on a reusable bottle like LOCH’s stainless steel and copper insulated bottle.

LOCH’s range of convenient and colorful reusable water bottles keep your beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for up to 24. So prepare your delicious beverages before you head out and enjoy sipping on them throughout your day!

With these deliciously refreshing and beneficial detox drink ideas, your liver will surely be in the best condition it’s ever been in. Just make sure to maintain its healthy status by incorporating these into your diet frequently. 


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