Sustainable Water Bottles – Why They’re Better Than Single-Use Plastic

If you take a quick look around a board room, an event, or bustling city streets, you’ll realize that many consumers quench their thirst with water or any other type of beverage from single-use plastic bottles. This can be due to ignorance, laziness, or simply their lack of time to weigh the pros and cons of drinking from plastic vs reusable bottles. That’s where we come in because in this article, we’re about to share several amazing features of sustainable reusable water bottles and why they’re better than plastic.

How Does Single-Use Plastic Harm the Environment

Before we get into how you can start using alternatives to single-use plastic, here are some reasons why you should:

  • Plastic harms more than just people. Plantlife and marine life are also negatively affected by plastic waste.

  • Not all plastic is recyclable. While we think we’re reversing the effects of using plastic by throwing it in a recycling bin, we might not be doing good after all.

  • Not all recyclable plastic gets recycled. If you’ve seen piles of plastic washing up on shore, you know what we’re talking about.

  • Solid waste, which often contains plastic is burnt, releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere. This can lead to pollution, contribute to climate change, and harm humans and animals.

Check out our recent post to find out more ways plastic harms the environment and ways to reduce it.

Sustainable Water Bottle Features

Now that we can all agree that single-use plastic is the enemy, here are some features to look out for when switching to sustainable water bottles.


Insulated water bottles maintain the temperature of your beverage, keeping hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24. Using an insulated bottle will make it less likely for you to reach for a quick plastic bottle at the nearest corner store.


When looking for a sustainable water bottle, you want one that you can easily reuse and carry around with you during every adventure, big or small. Stainless steel reusable bottles are built to last.


Insulated bottles are built with layers, making it less likely for them to leak or sweat. This will come in handy when you’re taking your bottle to work, setting it down on any surface, or sending it to school with your kids.

They Reduce Plastic

Reusable water bottles contribute to protecting the planet, but to what degree? 1.5 billion plastic bottles are sold around the world every minute. How many actually get recycled? Insulated water bottles are designed for reuse, and significantly reduce plastic, but there’s more to be done. Encourage your friends and neighbors to make the right choice too.

Introducing LOCH

LOCH bottles help cut down on the 5.5 billion plastic bottles that are littered or make their way to our beautiful oceans every year. The range of colorful sustainable water bottles keeps your beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12. From durability to reducing plastic, LOCH bottles do it all, making you never want to be without your reusable water bottle.

Make the smart choice that your health and the environment will thank you for. Switch to sustainable water bottles.


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