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Customised Corporate Gifts

While gifts from a company are a lovely gesture, they often just end up being Marie Kondo-ed away in a couple of months. That’s what makes customised corporate gifts unbeatable as opposed to mugs with massive logos or leather-bound calendars from the bank. Customised corporate gifts are designed to be hard to throw away. 

Marketing 101 teaches us the importance of promotional items; they increase brand awareness, brand recognition, and help you stay top-of-mind. But what if your corporate gifts are working against you?

Hear me out on this… what if gifting a partner or customer a sub-par, generic product simply cheapens your brand image? The association becomes: this brand is not creative and stuck in the 90s - which is basically the Stone Age now when it comes to marketing.

We need to start thinking of customised corporate gifts in terms of investment and returns. Let’s take for example a mug we’ve all seen before. Yes, that generic one with the badly printed huge logo on it. It’s never someone’s favourite mug, the guests definitely won't see it, and your company would be lucky if that mug even makes it to the receiver's home in the first place. Basically your logo or your event will in fact live on, but it’s most probably a life in a dark cabinet somewhere. 

Ever since I started working for Loch Life, I’ve become more and more convinced of the idea of investing in real brand awareness. This is what I mean: when our partners benefit from our corporate discounts and actually include a customised Loch bottle in their gifting strategy or even in their employee welcome pack, people actually use it! So we’ve seen our partners’ logos go on the beach with cocktails in big yellow bottles, we've seen them used at the gym, and we’ve definitely seen them at offices. It’s such a game-changing bottle. Add to that a kick of personalisation with their names on it and we’ve got a winning marketing strategy. 

The founders here at Loch have specifically designed our bottles to be a fine product. It’s built to last, it's highly functional, and just as chic as a bottle could get. With a name engraved on it, your logo will always spark joy


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