How Loch is All in for Earth Day

Earth Day

A message from our founder;

Every year, Earth Day comes around and companies do their best to affect some sort of change… however, protecting the environment as best we can through sustainable daily little changes - I truly believe - is what would actually make a dent. Together, through mindful consumption and conscious shopping, we will make a positive change for the environment. 

One of the founding cornerstones of Loch Life is absolutely cutting out as much single-use plastic as humanly possible. This is why our bottles were designed after a serious amount of research to find out how technological innovation can be utilised in living (and thriving) sustainably. This is because technically any reusable bottle could replace daily use of plastic cups and bottles, but only a particularly great bottle will sustain that change! 

Loch has helped thousands of people not only cut their plastic use but also have a pleasurable experience staying hydrated. Our movement is about the environment, yes. But it’s also about wellbeing, health, and beauty. About glowing skin and better sleep. It’s about how really good hydration habits can change us from within while changing the world too. I suppose I’ve modelled Loch to change habits through adding incentives. From making sure your bottles always carry your drink of choice in the exact temperature you want, to making them as durable and stylish a product range as possible. It’s about incentive to do the right thing for the planet as well as for our bodies. Speaking from personal experience, when my bottle carries water in the exact temperature it was poured in hours before, I’m incentivised to take a sip. That’s incentive. When my bottle is durable and seriously elegant, I’m not shy about carrying it wherever I go, be it a boardroom meeting or a day on the beach. That’s incentive to not even look at those plastic bottles in fridge shelves.  

I often wonder about the exact number of plastic bottles that were not used thanks to Loch’s customers. While that number remains unknown, one thing I do know is that we need more tools to help us do our part for the Earth. Beyond Earth Day. And so, in the coming week, I will be thinking of how Loch’s Earth Day will be marked. I want to add even more incentives to do right by our bodies and the planet as well as continue to add value to your purchases. So stay tuned for our Earth Day ‘incentive’. 


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