Kids, School, and Hydration Going Viral.

Back to school

It’s hard enough to get adults to pay attention to their hydration and improve their water intake. And I believe Loch’s insulated water bottles are making a difference in our community of customers.

Now let’s think about kids for a second. They’re busy with school work, friendships, and playtime as they rush between classes. And I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. If you’re feeling thirsty, it means you’re already dehydrated.

So how do we get kids to carry their water bottles to school?

This is to say that trusting kids to drink their water at school isn’t a good strategy. And since the advent of carrying insulated water bottles, I’m sure kids are drinking more water at school. However, and as usual, Loch has improvements to add! 

Anyone who knows me, knows I adore my niece and nephews. Not only because they’re the best children anyone can ask for, but also because they’re always our brilliant test subjects. I used to look at their cheeks as they get flushed in the heat and think of solutions that they can try out. Like the perfect little focus group, I always got invaluable feedback from watching and listening to them. 

This back to school season, I invite you to explore my learning. Since giving and telling my niece and nephews to carry personalised bottles to school, I can report a couple of things.

1- the sense of ownership the engraved name instils in them makes them less likely to forget or lose the bottle. It’s happened (and you know who you are) but it’s a lot less frequent.

2- it becomes a conversation starter. Kids asking about the engraving gets them talking and discussing water. It’s like suddenly drinking water has gone viral. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to promote hydration to children than carrying a personalised bottle to school.

3- I’ve handed the kids the Loch strap and pouch. This one for me works double: they’ll never lose their stuff AND they’ll always remember to hydrate. 

When we launched the Loch pouch, we were aiming to give people an easy solution to carrying their essentials like cards and phones without needing pockets or bags. If you’re going jogging or being active outside in some way, why carry a million things. Your water bottle is all you should really need, but a pouch with your keys and phone strapped right onto your bottle strap made a tonne of sense. And the same applies to kids! This ‘one-strap’ for essentials policy has our kids think of water as an essential. Another win for Loch! 


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