Sustainable and Stylish: My Eid Gift Guide

Gifting a minefield! Especially for Eid al-Fitr! 

There… I said it. My gifts on Eid al-Fitr are often misguided or misunderstood. I never set the right budget and I often think of what I would like. 

Not this Eid. This year, I’m gifting for the benefit of planet Earth. Meaning, if you receive my gift and you don't like it, you don’t like our planet. That’s not to say I’m gifting you a charity certificate or naming a star after you. Not in this economy. 

For this Eid al-Fitr, I’ve compiled a few ideas from Loch’s collection and beyond. Each with a unique twist on style and sustainability. Afterall, a thoughtful gift that helps the environment is a gift that keeps giving. 

From Loch

This season, with the festivities, my 19 year-old niece is travelling. As the weather changes, I know she’ll be hiking and sun soaking. For anyone like her who’s free and active, I’m recommending the Loch strap and pouch. Together, she’ll be hiking with her HANDS TOTALLY FREE. Both made with 100% recycled plastic, she can carry her Loch bottle and her Loch pouch (with room for her hotel keys, her phone, and cards secured) on one Loch shoulder strap. 

Not from Loch

I’m enjoying finding artistal soap and beauty products that are natural, vegan, and sustainable in their making. These tend to be small-batch brands and so far I’ve found a few of them in Dubai. Dunes Natural Soap is a UAE-made brand that is chemical-free. And since it's made locally as well, think of its carbon footprint. 

From Loch

This one is obvious. But my bestie is that girl. She likes to match things and her colour blocking game is always on point. I’m gifting her a bottle set from Loch’s Monochrome collection. One bottle, one colour from lid to base. So while this will literally be my second Loch bottle gift to her, I know she’ll like it. Besides being a different colour, this one is MONOCHROME! She’ll get it. 

Not from Loch

While buying others clothing is sometimes a bit of a gamble, I’m doing it anyway. New clothes on Eid is a custom, so I’m matching my sustainable spirit with style. I just found out that there are a bunch of brands out there making clothing using RECYCLED cotton! From H&M to Pangaia. It’s a non-synthetic fabric without the guilt of thinking of cotton’s water usage and carbon footprint. 


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