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Sustainable Water Bottles
Sustainability in fashion isn't just about the clothes we wear; it includes everything we use, like our water bottles. Sustainable fashion is about reducing waste and being kind to the environment, all while expressing your personal style.
Kids, School, and Hydration Going Viral.
This back to school season, I invite you to explore my learning. Since giving and telling my niece and nephews to carry personalised bottles to school, I can report a couple of things.
Dubai Souvenir
Perfect Dubai Souvenir  - That’s exactly what I set out to do. I created Loch’s ‘With Love, from Dubai’ Souvenir collection. It’s quite literally a message in a bottle! Featuring a lovely design of the city’s skyline, the bottles can be any of colours or sizes.
I’m keen on World Oceans Day because it is a day when more people and more companies take these kinds of moments to think about how collective little individual actions can help make a dent in saving the oceans.
Yoga Water Bottle
In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using a Loch yoga water bottle. Drinking water before, during, and after yoga practice is also important to regulate the body's temperature and prevent dehydration. 
Your Brand is NOT Junk!
Customised Corporate Gifts - While gifts from a company are a lovely gesture, they often just end up being Marie Kondo-ed away in a couple of months. That’s what makes customised corporate gifts unbeatable as opposed to mugs with massive logos or leather-bound calendars from the bank.